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Ultimate Sleep Solution:
  • FLEX & BEND to CUSTOMIZE exactly for you.
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN to give you deeper, more rejuvenating sleep 
  • Keeps you COOL & COMFORTABLE all night long
  • Keeps your head & neck properly SUPPORTED
  • STOPS the tossing & turning
  • Can even REDUCE SNORING!
WonderFlex® is the incredible, new sleep solution 
for deeper, more rejuvenating sleep
Do you wake up tired with no energy for the day?  Do you toss and turn all night? 
Or wake up with a sore neck, stiff shoulders or back pain?  Exhausted before your day even begins? Have you had enough?

The WonderFlex® is the incredible sleep solution for deeper, more rejuvenating sleep.  It's so unique it's been issued multiple US Government Patents. You've never slept on anything like it before!

The WonderFlex® Pillow is available in Standard, Queen and King sizes.  They fit in regular pillow cases to match your existing bedding!

Bends, flexes, & stays in your favorite position
Changing your life can be as easy as changing your pillow!
You've NEVER slept on anything like this before 
because there's NEVER been a pillow like this before!
Custom shape the WonderFlex® just for you. 
The unique internal structure allows you to MOLD, SHAPE and FLEX (and STAY) in your favorite position, keeping your head and neck properly supported. With SUPER SOFT memory foam for superior comfort, the unique contour-channel design provides ultimate cervical-cranial alignment.  And WonderFlex® keeps you COOL:  Exclusive ventilation channels dissipate heat and prevents you from overheating. That means less tossing and turning. No wonder it’s endorsed by a prestigious American Sleep Institute!
 An independent study at the Sleep Institute showed:
34% increase
Health-promoting, REM sleep
77% more
Stage 3 Restorative sleep
48% reduction
tossing and turning
You spend one-third of your life in bed
You deserve the best nights sleep of your life - every night!
  • With the WonderFlex® you’ll feel RESTED & REFRESHED, with more energy, and in a great mood
  • The WonderFlex® gives you COMFORT & SUPPORT all night. Even when you turn, it turns with you.
  • Proper support can open up your airways to eliminate that awful SNORING.
  • Use it while reading in bed, watching TV or even to support sore joints.
  • The WonderFlex® is AMERICAN ENGINEERING at it’s finest.It comes with a 10 Year Warranty – so your satisfaction is GUARANTEED.
  • The WonderFlex® is anti-microbial and hypoallergenic. The included, soft fabric case is double knit and helps wick away moisture. Plus the pillow and case are washable.
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